Social media marketing

connect with your customers

get greater engagement

Social Media Marketing is more than just a great way to get noticed by your customers.

Being strategically active on social media plays a crucial part in building your brand, promoting services and products, engaging with your customers and increasing your search appearance. For Social Media efforts to be streamlined and effective, regular posting, unique content and engagement are all important factors.

We can provide a framework for your complete social media strategy plan that includes goals, platforms, unique content ideas, content management tools, publishing tools, social advertising strategies and insights into how your social media is performing.

social media has changed how we live our lives.

From how we get our daily news to how we communicate with people.

Social media seems to be everywhere and it has been growing rapidly. If you are wondering whether your business needs to invest in social media. It depends on who your customers are and what they need. But, it should definitely not be ignored.

connect with customers

With so many people active and engaged on social media, what better place is there to connect with your customers?

build brand awareness

By publishing content that aligns with your brand you can raise the brand awareness of your business.

get noticed

Social Media is a great place to showcase your business is all about.


social media audit

We will take a close look at your current situation around your social media channels. We will identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats alike by doing so. We can then turn these into actionable elements.

content audit

A Social Media content audit will provide you with all the information you need to develop a successful strategy. We can have a closer look at what’s working and what is failing. We take a closer look at engagement metrics, publishing metrics, audience demographics, referral traffic and channel specific metrics.

social media content calendar

Content is key to your social presence. Having a great content calendar in place will help you provide structure to your social posts. Furthermore, this calendar will provide insights into what sort of content you should be aiming and what sort of frequency is best practice.

social media management

We will manage all things social for you. This can include setting up integrations, providing advice for content posting, training in tools, content calendar creation, scheduling of posts, daily stories and more.

competitor analysis

We will select 3 competitors and have a closer look at their online presence and strategies that can give insight and impact your social media strategy.

facebook & instagram marketing

Facebook and Instagram paid advertisements can unleash the full potential of your Social Media marketing. We can develop campaigns and run ads for your business across the channels. We will closely monitor your ads and continuously optimise for better results.

insight and analytics

Insights and Analytics will drive your campaign and enable us to make strategic decisions. We can provide unique insights and analytics related to your social media activities. We will closely monitor your activities and look at valuable metrics to ensure that your social media is working for you.