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There’s something about the Peninsula that attracts great businesses and like-minded people. But a business can’t be great without customers. It needs creative local partners to build a brand that attracts, and the marketing tools to help it grow.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is all about optimising webpages to display in the search results of search engines. Google uses an algorithm to determine the rankings of pages and there are a lot of variables and ranking factors that need to be looked at.

Relevancy is key when it comes to SEO and it is important that whatever is showing on your page is actually relevant to the people viewing the content.

Creating high-quality content for your website’s pages is another important factor, as it influences how the user interacts with the page.

A couple of other factors that can influence your rankings are having a secure and accessible website, site speed and mobile-friendliness.

Using a combination of on-site SEO in the form of internal linking, copywriting, image optimisation, page speed and URL structure and off-site SEO including reputation building and high-quality backlinking Grendesign can help to bring your site from obscurity into the spotlight.

We are based on the Mornington Peninsula and understand the local business environment. Reach out to us today to see what we can do for your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

The #1
organic result is
10x more likely
to receive a click
compared to a
page in #10 spot

strong SEO strategy

A strong SEO strategy will help boost your visibility in online search rankings and is a vital part of any online marketing strategy.

If you are reading this, it is highly likely that you are a business owner who wants to improve the Google search results for your business and grow your online presence.


great source of website traffic

For most websites, organic search is the primary source of traffic

best ROI

Organic traffic is the highest converting traffic

local SEO

Local SEO is a great source for leads and customers


SEO audit

Search Engine Optimisation starts with knowing where you are currently at. Our Audit gives us the opportunity to perform research on your site and provide recommendations to improve your current rankings.

on site SEO

We will go through your website and optimise it for keywords. We will look at setting up focus keywords and we will optimise your URLs, images, and text.

competitor analysis

We’ll analyse your competitors’ sites and find opportunities for your business to grow your organic traffic.

copy writing

Crafting quality content that is relevant to the user and is optimised for a set of keywords is crucial to SEO activities on your website. We can help you with creating quality content and have a network of qualified copywriters.

off-site SEO

We will find relevant opportunities on blogs, directories, social media, and news sites to link back to your website to direct traffic your way and build your page rank.

keyword research

Keyword research is vital for success. Selecting the right keywords is a crucial part of your campaign and finding keywords that people are actually searching for is important. We will look for keywords to rank for based on their competition levels and search volumes.

local SEO

Local SEO is as the name suggest very much with a local focus. Local SEO relies on all the traditional efforts and ties in a focus on specific locations.

techinical SEO

For Technical implementations, we take a closer look at how your website is performing on a more technical level. We take a closer look at duplicate content, site speed and performance, canonical tags, image optimisations and more.

seo case story

peninsula diesel seo

service based seo 

During the website process, they approached us for our digital marketing services as they wanted to further grow their business and positioning in the market.

After a round of meetings and consultations, we realised that the focus for growth should be on Search Engine Optimisation and local SEO. We started the process with an extensive SEO audit, keyword research, competitive analysis and developed a strategy for the next months ahead.

We started with focusing on some initial quick wins and then started to optimise the website to increase the organic traffic and conversions for their bookings.

peninsula diesel repair’s experience with us

We have loved the ease of working with Grendesign & the overall professional look created for our business. Our old website was tiered and outdated. Working with both commercial & small business we needed an overall look that would appeal to both types of clientele & we feel this has been created through our new website. In regards to assisting with new signage for our new move and assisting with communicating this to clients will help with a seamless move to our new location. We find your prices to be very reasonable and the quality of work to be extremely high. After moving from Sensis we really appreciate having a local company who we can easily pick up the phone and call and they understand exactly what we are looking for.



organic traffic growth


increase in organic keywords