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Working with images

saving images for your website

Its really important to optimise your images before uploading them to your website. Having your image saved correctly will enhance the user experience and have pages load faster along with assisting with the health of your website. It’s easier to save all your images at the one time before started to edit your pages.

images sizes

Below are the images sizes referenced in the video.

Image that is edge to egde OR FULL WIDTH

Desktop 2500 pixels wide |  Mobile 650 pixels wide
File size: under 250KB

FULL WIDTH Image within the content area

1000 pixels wide  |  File size: under 250KB

SMALLER Image within the content area

650 pixels wide  |  File size: under 250KB 


Once you’ve saved all your images ready to upload please view the video that showcases adding images into the body of your content, updating a slider image for desktop and mobile, updating a background image and overlay colour.


You may want to alter the ration or match an image to the proportions of another image on a page. This video shows you how to crop and save images.


updates + backups updraft

updates + backups using updraft How to safely update your WordPress platform, plugins and backup...

Adding a new page/post

This video will show you how to add a new page or post including duplicating content/layout from another page. Also shown is updating your page URL.

wordpress introduction

Quick overview and introduction to WordPress including where to find things such as page listing, images etc.