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logo design process

Whole Medicine reached out to us to refresh the brand for their practice, beginning with the logo. The design we brought to the client is a balance between traditional and modern with a natural and clean feel.  We wanted to convey the idea of traditional medicine mixed in with a natural approach in the practice’s name and logo so we have used the WHOLE in a bold serif font. This creates a feeling of trust and tradition and in keeping the word MEDICINE in a stripped back and simple sans font creates a modern look. The ‘be well’ tagline is a light hand-drawn script, keeping with the welcoming feel. The colour palette we created means it converts seamlessly to a reversed option (on a dark background) as well as on an image, providing further flexibility to how the brand is applied to future marketing.

We created the symbol used in the new logo based on the new growth on a gum tree, conveying the fact that your health is always changing and evolving, and if you plant the seed of prevention now….it grows into something more in the future. This was received very warmly by the client and brings great attention to their marketing materials and website. 

“Everyone is loving the branding and it has really helped us change the clinic’s culture and image for the better, being more community-minded and high quality”

Dr Michelle Woodhouse

Whole Medicine

Project Details

Client Whole Medicine
Description We are passionate about wellness, prevention and empowering people to be the best they can be – Be Well
Key Messages Combining science with holistic principles
Type Existing Business
Skills Branding, Business Card Design, Letterhead Design, Social Media and Powerpoint
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appointment and business card design

We have the soothing palette of green and white for the Whole Medicine appointment and business cards in keeping with the branding created.

The front of the card contains the full logo with the white contrasting strikingly against a full green background. The contact information and appointment times are kept to a white background to add contrast between the sides, and to keep the clean, simple feeling.  The card really reflects the approachable feeling that Whole Medicine is achieving with their new branding.


letterhead design

We kept the letterhead design for Whole Medicine to a simple and clean feel allowing the logo design with the symbol in green to really shine against the white background. This keeps the information the Doctors at this practice give as the focus and lets the contact information and branding become an accompaniment rather than overpowering the page.

The colour palette used in this branding means it converts seamlessly to a reversed option (on the green background) as well as on an image, providing further flexibility to how the brand is applied to future marketing. Such as the signage we created to be used in the practice and for a postcard size flyer to be handed out to prospective clients.


info card

Designed to provide detailed information to clients this card needed to be remain small and portable. The use of icons and clear section help keep the text clear and user friendly. 


style guide

From the smallest, simplest business through to large companies need consistency in branding. The consistency of design is very important as is the visual content and colour. Consistency is reassuring. It shows control and care. Therefore it was a pleasure to create a style guide for Whole Medicine which included the colours, fonts and style used to illustrate the new logo created. This is invaluable going forward should they have more marketing materials designed or advertising created.

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