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VineHop Branding and Logo Design

Mornington Peninsula Logo Design - VineHop Festival
black on white logo design, Mornington Peninsula VineHope Festival
VineHope Festival Mornington Peninsula Branding

logo design process

We were recently approached by the organisers of a new festival happening on the Mornington Peninsula called the ‘VineHop Festival’. They required a fresh and modern feel for the logo and branding to attract as many possible wineries, performers and suppliers before the event. The brand needed to appeal to a mixed gender audience and demonstrate the relaxed vibe of the festival.

The client loved our combination of a script and a hand-drawn print to provides a rustic style with an imperfect, contemporary approachable feel. The long landscape logo design will work excellently for applications like the website, and in instances where a shorter mark is required, or fine detail is not possible (for example a wineglass) it can be shortened very effectively to just VineHop.

The pallet we presented to the client included a bright combination inspired by the green and purple of ripening grapes and a warm sunshine yellow to bring an outdoorsy vibe. The whole feel of the brand can be influenced by the supporting imagery – allowing it to grow and change with the festival over the coming years.

Project Details

Client VineHope Festivals
Description A beer, wine and cider festival held at a number of venues on the Mornington Peninsula
Key Messages Fun, relaxed, passionate
Type New Business
Skills Branding
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VineHop Mornington Peninsula Letterhead Design

letterhead design

The clients were very focused when discussing branding to maintain the relaxed fesitval atmosphere, so when creating the letterhead for VineHop we kept it uncluttered and with a fresh modern look.

We used a main header to cover the length of the page at the top, utilising the striking green grapes and sunshine image and the full logo in white pops out beautifully.

VineHop Festival Mornington Peninsula Graphic Design

proposal document

To promote this festival before the launch they needed a proposal document to highlight the many reasons getting involved is beneficial to venues. We create a seven-page document with straightforward information to cover all the questions that would come through and kept the focus on the images in the proposal.

The cover of the proposal is linked to the branding keeping with the green grapes/sunshine image, following this is a simple and easily navigated document filled with fun, vibrant images. The feel we wanted to convey is one of good food, wine and beer and people having a relaxing time at outdoor events. This will no doubt encourage many venues to get on board and know that they will be involved in a professional and well-constructed event.

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