The Floating Market

The Floating Market Logo Design


logo design process

We love designing with food in mind here at Grendesign!  When approached by the Chef at Steam Restaurant in Rye we rubbed our hands together in glee at the thought of working on a project with Jen!  She has a new business on the horizon ‘The Floating Market’ and we couldn’t wait to get started on this branding. An Asian grocer supplying hard to find products, providing inspiration and in-house cooking demonstrations.

When designing the branding, talks with the client were centred around a figure in a boat and we have brought the text component of the logo to rest on the edge of the boat, masquerading as the boatman’s bountiful cargo. The text itself is hand-written, playful and casual, which links into the rustic, unpolished vibe of the markets.

The stacked composition has several interlinking elements, creating a strong solid text mark, which works equally well when isolated out and used on its own as demonstrated below.

Project Details

Client The Floating Market
Description Fresh produce and Asian groceries
Key Messages Colourful,  vibrant and full of life, fresh and inspiring 
Type New business
Skills Branding, Business Card Design


business card design and print

The business card design shows a repeating textural wave pattern which supports the logo and introduces a pop of vibrant feature colour to the card. The orange was chosen within this design because it’s strong enough to stand alongside the black, but bright enough not to compete.

The business card uses this pattern (with the boat only) on the front, with the text logo on the back with the contact information, reversed out from the orange for a bright fresh feel and contrast between the sides.



packaging design

When creating the branding we supply a package design to our clients to demonstrate how the new logo can be applied across different types of packaging.  The bold black logo used evokes the feeling of a stamp, or an old newspaper print, further building onto this rustic vibe of Asian markets. The pattern extends the imagery of the logo on these example bags, adding in a context of the water.