stonekast brand identity project

The problem:
Brand identity confusion resulting in multipul itterations of business name, urls, logo usage, tag line and social handles. This creates a watered down brand precense and makes it harder for customers and collegues to identify the company online and when making referals or recomendations.

The solution:
To consolidate to one business name and define clear rules and guidelines around when, how and why specific logo variations are used as well as how the tagline (if applicable) is used to support the brand. Update all URLs, social media handles and internal documents/collateral to reflect the one business name and logo.

Project Details

Client Stone Outdoors (now Stonekast)
Description Create a cohesive brand name and logo
Type Existing Business
Skills Branding, Logo Design, Comprehensive Style Guide, website design

The logo design concepts were all  inspired by the fluid, moldable nature of concrete and the STONE products.


brochure design

The idea of a natural landscape being complimented by modern architecture was a driving idea in our brainstorm sessions.

Cement is from the earth, it is strong but fixable, it is alive.

These concepts represent the emotive nature of the brand without being literal, this allows the business to grow without the need to constantly update the business name therefore future proofing the final branding solutions.


website landing page design

We wanted the imagery to be the real hero for the website design, it was important to show the textural nature of the products and pull the user into a sensory experience right from the landing page.

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