SN Electrical Contractors

SN Electrical Contractors 

sn electrical logo design process

SN Electrical Contractors logo was created focused on an adaptation of the ‘geometric globe’ idea that was shared in the first meeting with this client. The symbol contains geometric outline of a traditional light globe, encircled in the glow of a warm yellow. This is complimented by solid sans serif fonts in a medium tone grey, as this allows the yellow to be the strongest visual element. 

The simplistic clean lines means that it translates easily as a reversed version. Being a symbol based logo it can also be broken apart, and the elements used independently as just text or just symbol, providing flexibility in how the brand is applied in future marketing projects. 

It was a pleasure to work with Stuart in developing the brand and we wish him every success in the years to come.

Project Details

Client SN Electrical Contractors
Description Electrician
Key Messages Reliable, trustworthy, experienced
Type New Business
Skills Branding and Business Card Design

business card design + print

We created a new business card for SN Electrical using an edison globe image for the front, utilising an area of the image that’s out of focus to ensure attention remains on the brand. Whilst the red brick background we used brings in a very warm and welcoming feel. The back of the card contains the contact details, and a section of the symbol in spot UV, creating a subtle branding link.

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