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ScarlettMAC Events is a boutique event agency based in Melbourne’s South East and came to us wanting a website that would engage possible clients with a fun, engaging and community feel. Lisa was very sure in her brief that the website should not look corporate or too much like a wedding event website. It was really important to bring the element of fun and the outdoors. ScarlettMac Events offer a wide range of services from event management through to security and event safety. Lisa also organises her own festivals such as the upcoming Peninsula VineHop to be run all across the Mornington Peninsula. For this reason, it was important the website design be captivating and appealing whilst retaining an uncluttered feel.

Some Key Features

source images

custom logo integration

custom overlays

multiple form creation

mobile + tablet responsive

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Project Details

Client ScarlettMAC Events
Description ScarlettMAC Events is a boutique event agency based in Melbourne’s South East
Key Messages Fun and engaging with a community feel
Skills Website Design
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website design

In creating ScarlettMAC Event’s website the main focus was on really engaging and dynamic images that represent Lisa’s passion for her work and the fun and wonderful atmosphere her events are known for. The main image used brings to mind a stunning yet charming event we all want to go to! The ScarlettMAC Events logo sits front and centre of this image and is a perfect contrast in white to the background image used.

By using these bold images within the four panels, clean white spaces and minimal text this design creates impact along with a fun approachable feel. The large image panels we used create wonderful transitions within the sections of the site. In this design we’ve hidden the content for the different services and upon clicking on the button a content pop up window appears with further information.


event and festival production

ScarlettMAC Events have moved into producing their own festivals and events and needed a simple way to be able to reach venue holders, food trucks and performers who want to get involved in working with Lisa on her upcoming events. This is all listed on one pop up window and the artist or business can get in contact with ScarlettMAC by choosing the button that is relevant to them.

We have also incorporated a link to the actual upcoming events so that clients can see what Lisa may have coming up they can contribute to.


contact us

An important part of any website and for ScarlettMAC this needed a little more information as this ‘contact us’ section can be used for prospective clients wanting events managed and also by companies wanting to be involved in their exciting events. We kept this simple by adding a ‘company/organisation’ field and highlighting this section in background that is standout and used sparingly throughout the website.


about us

We have a short introduction to the business under the main image with a ‘more’ link that takes the visitor to the about us section that gives a more detailed insight into Lisa and her accomplished background. This again keeps the page looking clean and easy to navigate to potential clients.

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