Rosebud Secondary College BASE Project

Rosebud Secondary College BASE Logo Design

A Mind Matters initiative 


logo design process

Rosebud Secondary College is very proactive when it comes to their students well-being. They are currently engaged in a program called Mind Matters, which is an initiative for secondary schools aiming to improve the mental health and well-being of young people.

Having already worked with Rosebud Secondary to create the branding for their Wellness Pavillion, it was a pleasure to be asked to work with them once again to create the branding for BASE, the Mind Matters program specific to their school.

We started by creating a symbol to represent the four pillars contributing to the project – Teachers, Students, Parents and Community. Each is represented by an interlinking circle, showing how they are all strongly connected, whilst the symmetry demonstrates their equal importance. The soft colour palette follows on from the Wellness Pavilion branding and its calming presence.

The name underneath also follow suit with the same clean, rounded san-serif text. The mark is unimposing and carries it has quiet, balanced quality. We have used a soft hand script as a supporting font to further the approachable feel.
This can be used well in other marketing materials such as headings, supporting statements/quotes ect.

This logo works really well broken apart,  and the symbol can be used to create a pattern, providing the opportunity to include subtle branding elements over solid colours or photographs.

Project Details

Client Rosebud Secondary College BASE
Description A program to assist school children to be at their peak mentally and physically
Key Messages Respect, Friends, Health, Active
Type New Business
Skills Branding and Poster Design
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poster design

To help raise awareness of the program with both the students and the wider community, posters were distributed throughout the school and surrounding suburbs.

We have kept the design to a minimalist feel with plenty of breathing space around the element to build on the calming feel. Different colours (from the logo palette) have been used in each to identify each sector, creating a cohesive set of promotional posters.  The white version of the Mind Matters logo reversed out of the solid coloured backgrounds maintains the integrity of the non-abrasive and soothing brand directive.

In discussions with Rosebud Secondary’s team, we felt the image content was a key part of delivering BASE’s message effectively.  We used imagery provided by the school of their students to better connect with their young audience.

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