Ristic Real Estate

Ristic Real Estate Branding 

“Grendesign is a vibrant forward thinking family business that has served our company well for over 6 years. Easy to work with, great designs and will continue to use your services for years to come. Thanks Laura, Georgia, Fi and team – love your work!”

Kaan Ristic

Managing Director & Co-Founder, Ristic Real Estate

re-style design process

Ristic Real Estate approached us to give their highly regarded family business brand a refresh and to take them in a modern direction with a new colour palette. Working through a variety of colours and what would best represent their down to earth family business we settled on a striking magenta.

The colour is very memorable and suits the company ‘house’ logo very well standing out in white against the magenta background.

Project Details

Client Ristic Real Estate
Description A family Real Estate business
Key Messages Down to earth, simplicity, service and quality
Type Existing Business
Skills Branding, Marketing Materials, Signage and Magazines
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lease/sale signage

The lease and for sale signs that fill the suburbs are extremely important in visually connecting the brand to the business. Using the powerful magenta colour as a block of colour against a black background really makes the white logo and surrounding text pop out. This colour palette on the boards ensures a presence in the community and in continuing with the strong magenta ties it directly to the Ristic brand.

car signage

We created car signage for Ristic using their circle house logo giving the vehicles a vibrant and clean finish. The placement of the logo is toward to rear of the vehicle allowing for a larger area to be covered. It was also suggested that the back rear of the car be utilised across the bumper.

The magenta looks really strong on their vehicles and when seen in the community is another fantastic way to tie back to the brand is an easily recognisable way.

ristic property magazine

Ristic Real Estate showcases their many properties from leasing to buying in an eye-catching magazine that is simple yet noteworthy to make it stand alone in a market with many property magazines.

For the cover, a fun captivating image is a primary focus and the striking magenta as a block colour strip across the bottom of the cover ties it their branding without overpowering. The company logo is situated at the top leaving the page uncluttered and with a fresh modern feel.

The back cover of the magazine is also kept minimal and simple with a retro picture of two women gossiping we sourced. It makes This highlights the need to contact Ristic for an actual appraisal instead of a guessed one! The relevant information follows on from this picture. A charming picture that again makes the magazine have a slight difference to that of their competitors.

We worked extensively with their spacing, content and fonts to have a clean and modern look that is not overcrowded with information.

marketing packages

To choose a real estate agent to sell your house or to hand over your property to be managed is a significant step and Ristic needed materials in place that demonstrated their services and the process involved.  The base product we designed for Ristic can be used for their terms and conditions all the way through to what you can expect and what they will deliver. We have continued the use of the magenta and kept the covers for the documents simple with a strong block of colour and an image panel that can be used to represent the content.