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Razu Living Logo Design

logo design process

Razu Living is a homewares & accessories store that specialises in handcrafted products created using traditional techniques by artisans. They required their logo and branding to be reflective of their passion for discovering unique items and to be truly unique and irreplaceable just like their many beautiful pieces.

The design we focused on was based on a rustic/organic feel with ‘Razu’ in a handwritten font linking to the handmade products and ‘living’ in a crisp clean font linking to the modern and minimal feel that was important to the client.
In between the two words are two lines that zigzag in an individual like manner – again connecting to the beautiful and luxurious global treasures Razu are known for.

Project Details

Client Razu Living
Description Razu Living is a homewares & accessories store
Key Messages Style, organic, affordable
Type New Business
Skills Branding and Business Card Design

business card design and print

Razu’s new business card is set in a landscape design with a featured image set behind the logo which showcases the amazing rugs they specialise in. This gives a great visual with the logo in white against the vibrant rug pattern and with the rounded corners and spot uv this is a standout card. The reverse side of the card has the logo back in black with the design of the logo shifted to a truncated landscape version suiting the length of the card perfectly.

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