Proportional Representation Society of Australia

PRSA Branding

logo design process

New branding for Proportional Representation Society of Australia created using five tones to capture the eye with a contemporary, bright and engaging pallet. The new branding for this client represents both statics and people. ⠀
The inspiration for the people came from a combination of pie and radar charts to reflect what the business stands for. ⠀⠀

Project Details

Client Proportional Representation Society of Australia
Description Advocates of proportional representation with single transferable votes
Key Messages Voting, support, education
Type Existing Business
Skills Branding


martketing materials design

When working with businesses we like to give some example images that can be used to support the brand. ⠀
We always look for imagery that has similar colours, tone of voice and feeling. The symbol can be used in flyers, brochures or other documents.⠀

supporting elements design

The logo elements for Proportional Representation Society of Australia can be taken apart and used independently of each other, whilst maintaining the strong branding message.⠀

The symbol element of the newly created logo was modified for this lanyard application. The brand is still greatly identifiable but this subtle treatment creates interest for the viewer.⠀