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website design process

Brett at PLOS Musical Productions approached us with a rescue mission recently for the PLOS website. Their site had recently been hacked and Brett came to us for a complete solution. Challenge accepted! This required a full redesign and site map for their extensive website needs.

Some Key Features 

company log in portal

custom forms

sponsorship / patron program

post production archive

application form creation

& more

Project Details

Client PLOS Music Productions
Bringing quality theatre to the Frankston stage
Key Messages Community based, inclusive and fun
Skills Website Design
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website design

PLOS Musical Production’s Website is used by their members, the company and the general public alike to access a large amount of information from the currently running programs through to costume hire. With such a large scope of information, it was imperative the design was clean and modern, ensuring it did not overwhelm the user. The end result is an easily navigated website with a fresh feel.  


log in portals and custom forms

The company log in portals are vital so that the cast and crew can log in to access all the information relating to the current productions. This is an invaluable resource containing all of the required information in a concise way that is only accessible via a password protected area on the website.

The newly created custom forms for membership application are a great tool in collecting required information for PLOS whilst at the making this a seamless process for interested users. Complicated application forms can be a deterrent and here we have made these as simple as possible.

The costume hire department of PLOS also required custom form creation to ensure that the many organisations and festivals that regularly use PLOS would remain an easily navigated process.


sponsorship / patron program

An integral part of the PLOS Website is the Patron and Sponsorship program aims to provide loyal supporters the opportunity to help the company bring the best of musical theatre productions to the Frankston Arts Centre stage each year. The funds raised ensure that PLOS can continue making quality theatre. The Patron Program page includes a breakdown of the Sponsorship Packages available to entice community support. 


get involved and post production

An important aspect of local community theatre is to encourage the public to become involved with either auditions to star in one of their amazing productions or to be an integral part of the crew. The Get Involved page makes this an easy process for any one looking to contribute.

PLOS  keep extensive archives of all previous productions including an image of the production poster used and a breakdown of the play and cast / crew involved. With such a large catalogue of information to display the new design showcases this in a clean and user-friendly way. 

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