Peninsula School of Dance

branding design process

Peninsula School of Dance provides an environment that nurtures, challenges and inspires kids to be the best they can be.

Studies have shown the positive impact an activity like dance can have on academic performance, feelings and life satisfaction.

Our logo concept is inspired by movement, simplicity and elegance. We have created custom illustrations for each genre based on images of real students.

The subtle tones of blue bring a focused energy to the brand, and this is supported by a neutral dark charcoal which provides depth without the harshness of black.

The modern shapes used as part of the icon can also be made into an eye catching and contemporary pattern with endless possibilities for uniforms, accessories and promotional material.

Project Details

Client Peninsula School of Dance
Description Dance School
Key Messages Providing an environment that helps kids to stay busy, and boosts their emotional engagement, social connections and sense of self-worth.
Type Existing Business
Skills Branding and marketing collateral
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flyer design

Taking the new branding and applying it to cards specific to a genre was a treat, using the sub brand icons we developed to represent the type of class along with the pattern we created produced a clean inviting flyer that truely represented the brand.




The bespoke dance illustrations truly take centre stage in this captivating signage design. Presenting an array of dance styles and performing arts in a modern and distinctive manner, it beckons students to step inside and engage.


dance uniforms

The dance uniform designs cover a diverse range of dance genres and performing arts, it allows students and teachers to feel confident and perform at their best while standing out at competitions.

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