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Passtab are a visitor management platform that integrates with school systems to keep staff and students safe and have an accurate, instant log system and portal to simplify operations.

Using existing branding the new design needed to be professional, elevated but approachable. The introduction of illustrations and over 120 custom icons made it easier to communicate the many functions the system offers.

The updated colour pallet and curved dividers helps guide the user down the page with subtle animations incorporated to provide movement and a playfulness throughout the site.

clean design

custom icons

toggles between currency

& more

Project Details

Client Passtab
Description A school visitor management system
Key Messages Prioritise security and maximise efficiency.
Skills Website Design, Icon design
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custom icons

Every icon was highly considered in their execution to maintain a level of consistency to help communicate Passtab’s offering


The illustrations and icons have had animation effects applied to provide a sense of movement and interactivity with the website.

mega menu

With so much to offer we knew that we needed to design a robust menu that was easy to navigate but able to convey all Passtab’s information in an appealing way.

toggle between currencies

Operating both in Australia and the United Kingdom, it was important too easily see both currencies. For this we designed a toggle to switch between the 2.

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