Lupton Ferguson Real Estate

Lupton Ferguson BrandinG


logo design process

Louise & Rob approached us recently when putting together branding for their new venture together, Lupton Ferguson Real Estate. In our initial meeting, a clean elegant look was discussed and we were pleased to put forward a classically inspired logo.

We presented a traditional feeling serif font with a large variance between stroke widths of the letterforms to create a timeless and classically elegant feel. The formalness of such a font is offset by only using lowercase lettering, balancing it with a more approachable presence for the target market. This more modern approach to the text also ensures that this traditional font has a more contemporary feel.

Both the names Lupton and Ferguson appear in this font and they are separated by a contrasting dot, bring in just a hint of a secondary colour. ‘Real Estate’ appears underneath in an elegant sweeping hand script, further building on the stylish tone desired from the briefing.

The colour pallet is based on the marketing directive discussed with the client, the stong blue and mint taking inspiration from the beautiful coastal location of the Peninsula.

Project Details

Client Lupton Ferguson Real Estate
Description Real Estate Agent Mt Eliza
Key Messages Professional and approachable
Type New Business
Skills Branding, Letterhead, Signage, Marketing materials and
View www.luptonferguson.com.au


business card design and print

We created a new business card for Louise and Rob featuring an image of a front door. It’s symbolic of the industry, evoking thoughts of new beginnings. The logo is reversed out from this with contact details on the back with a white background for great contrast between the sides.

Lupton Ferguson’s new business card is striking and modern yet gives a sense of trust and security.


stationary design

Letterhead | With Compliments Slip | Envelope | Presentation Folder | Email Signature | Greeting Card

Being in real estate many marketing materials are required to run a successful business. The letterhead for Lupton Ferguson is kept simple and clean with the logo positioned in the top right corner and contact information to on the bottom right corner. This is echoed in the with compliments slip, which also includes a solid aqua background. This design gives a feeling of space and ample room for information.

The presentation folder follows the clean ethos of the brand, featuring the logo running vertically down the right-hand side, white on the solid blue background.

A general-purpose greeting card was developed using one of the hero images found and refined during the branding process. This image was championed in several of Lupton Ferguson projects – including the email signature we created for them using Email Signature Rescue.

To complete the suite we also created a simple DL envelope, ensuring all of their communications appeared as a united & cohesive set.



property boards & flag

Having standout property boards is a really influential part of marketing for real estate agents and gives a great presence in the community.

We worked with Lupton Ferguson to create boards and flags that would stand out, convey their professionalism and elegantly showcase their client’s properties. The header of the boards appears in the blue, and the mint incorporated in the sale stickers and flag. Keeping the contact details on the bottom of the board in white keeps the feel clean, and allows the hero of the boards to be the property.


listing brochure / booklet

Rob and Louise wanted a modern and stylish booklet to introduce themselves to potential buyers and to use a marketing tool for offices and workplaces.

The booklet would need to convey a fresh look and be kept to a minimalist feel whilst showcasing their many skill sets and sales records. To achieve this we have used the two colours in the branding palette (the darker blue and the aqua) throughout the pages as backgrounds alternating with white to keep the fresh feel. Throughout the brochure, the focus is on high-quality images that reflect the professionalism clients can expect when dealing with Lupton Ferguson.



newspaper templates

As a major Estate Agent on the Peninsula, Lupton Ferguson required a strong visual presence in local newspapers so they came to us to create a set of templates that would be usable across promotions and listings.

By supplying Rob and Louise with several newspaper mock-ups assisted them to maintain a feel and look that suited Lupton Ferguson best. The end result used the strong dark blue header with the logo in white to really catch the eye in a newspaper print. Using a smaller header underneath this in their bright turquoise ensured that the properties and their addresses are easily read and noticed.


mail drop flyers

Another invaluable marketing tool Lupton Ferguson required are flyers for mail drops for surrounding suburbs.

We created several different flyers, including an invitation (pictured here) to attend open house events, another with notification of a successful sale, and one general flyer alerting the area of recently sold properties.  All followed the crisp clean feel established within the brand and could be customised to each Agent.

We all receive different styles of these flyers almost daily however when one comes that presents such a stylish and modern look, it’s hard not to stop and read!