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Website Design Process

Ledar group approached us to create a website for their insurance repair and building maintenance company that would reflect the professionalism and reliability they are renowned for.

The website needed to be informative and reassuring to clients, being primarily used as a research tool for organisations looking for builders with their credentials. Ledar have a striking blue logo and we have utilised the colour with bold blue panels throughout the site to call attention to the more essential information. In contrast the clean, crisp white panels are stand out with a grey text.

Project Details

Client Ledar Insurance repair and building maintenance provider
Description A professional service to maintain and update your property
Key Messages Professional, empathetic and capable
Type Existing Business
Skills Website Design


service showcase

When designing the best way for their clients to access their many and varied services a showcase with related images as backgrounds was used to make navigation simple with easily followed headlines. Each information bar has a short description of the service with a ‘learn more’ tab. The customer is then lead to a detailed page with further information displaying the reasons why the Ledar Group is the best choice for them!



company message and additional services

We created a stand out section on the website applying the bright blue of the Ledar logo as a background with white text to illustrate the many reasons to choose this group and the extra services they provide. We have used a re-assuring tick in the box to further re-affirm their ability to handle any situation clients need covered.


navigation design

Ledar’s clients and customers needed an easy to navigate, simple manner to choose their desired outcome in the tool bar at the top of the website. Many clients have varied question in relation to claims so a ‘Claim FAQ’s’ page was crucial as is a contact page that is quick and efficient at putting their customers in touch with them.

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