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logo design process

We worked with Kabsav Projects to refresh their existing logo. The design we used is clean, crisp and professional with a strong emphasis on connecting them to their target market of architects and home owners with a high sense of style and yet using a minimalistic approach.

Looking at their previous logo we really liked the break in the ‘k’ so we used this as inspiration yet chosen a thinner font and added some additional spacing between the letters to create balance. We also included a break in the ‘b’ of the lettering to add further stylisation. The spacing and shapes of these letters are more welcoming and approachable than their previous font. Projects has been done in a similar way, again in a similar format balancing nicely below in a clean font.


Original Logo Supplied

Original logo design for KABSAV

Project Details

Client KABSAV Projects
Description KABSAV specialises in personalising the design of new homes, home extensions, custom renovations, developments and apartments including a range of luxury home features.
Key Messages Clean, crisp and professional with craftsmanship, exceptional customer service, passion
Type Existing Business
Skills Branding, Website Design
View http: //kabsav.com.au/

New Website Design for KABSAV Projects

website design

We created a new WordPress website for KABSAV Projects using an image as a background which doesn’t move, just the text and items on top of the background image do and in doing this it creates a sense of drama. Teamed with the black background for the text boxes emphasises this even further. The sliders on this design don’t go through to the edge of the page to make the most of the background but again can have different text over the top and also link through to the pages/projects to highlight their work.

This design has more of an overview and an introduction into the business – showcasing why you should choose KABSAV and what they do.  The design is a more compact home page in it’s simplicity.

VISIT –  http://kabsav.com.au/

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