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Focus life is a Peninsula-based company that has been supporting people living with a disability for over 45 years. Their expert support service enables their clients to live the life they want. We were so pleased that Megan approached us to refine their branding and give a fresh feel to this amazing company.

This organisation supports in excess of 140 adults with a disability throughout the Mornington Peninsula and needed a branding that felt modern and approachable whilst remaining recognisable. We enjoyed working with this organisation to design branding that really reflects their service. 

To creat a more modern feel we have used a sanserif font for the word FOCUS. The name is all in upper case to give the feeling of strength without it being dominating. To counterbalance this LIFE is in a softer script. The use of this style font brings warmth and personality to the brand which reflects the feelings that Focus Life want to convey to families using this service.

Fi and the entire team at Grendesign have been a ray of sunshine for our Disability Service. Breathing life and colour into our branding that was in desperate need of a update and change. Each and every time we run through a brief for work and Fi hits every spec and nails it! If you are looking for a fresh approach to your marketing material and dealing with really genuine caring people! Then look no further!! Thanks guys – look forward to this being a long business partnership together!

Megan Shannon

Marketing & Communications Officer, Focus Life Support Services

Project Details

Client Focus Life Support Services
Description Supporting community members with disabilities to lead full lives
Key Messages Community, support, acceptance and active lives
Type Existing business
Skills Branding, Marketing materials, Letterhead, Annual Reports and Style Guide
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business card design, letterhead and with compliments

Refining the Focus Life branding required refreshing the symbol used as part of their logo. To give the mark a feeling of lightness, the hands are no longer touching, this calls back to the idea that Focus Life are giving their clients support and yet independence. This new logo applied across Focus Life’s business card and stationary gives a clean and standout feel in crisp white with their refined branding colours of green and purple.

annual reports

The annual report is a once-a-year piece of content that’s mandatory for many organizations and a powerful tool for many. It’s incredibly important that this piece of communication presents a wealth of information about your organization to many different audiences. How readers engage with the content affects their perceptions of the business in significant ways. Putting this report together for Focus Life required a balance of information and aesthetics and they were delighted with the end result!

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