educatable logo design process

Janelle from Educatable came to us with a new project. She was writing a series of books targeting fundamentals in an easy step by step way to help families and their little ones develop and thrive with the first book in the series released to be readable. Also offering fun resources and workshops making it easy to keep parents and kids engaged, the brand needed to be versatile enough to be loved by kids and adults alike.

Pulling from the idea of pillars, support and growth, the educable logo is a simple, playful and friendly logo which lends itself to a series of illustrations to connect the family of resources and reinforce the ethos of the brand.

A rounded font was chosen to soften the brand and make it feel approachable. The simplicity of the icon mark allows itself to be developed into supporting simple more abstract illustrative shapes that are visual representations of each of the brandmarks while connecting them back to the master brand while the colour palette is enticing to children and adults alike making it approachable and fun.

Project Details

Client Educatable
Description Resources and books helping with the educational development of children.
Key Messages Educatable’s mission is to show parents, in a step by step way, how to help their children thrive in reading, spelling, talking and writing
Type New Business
Skills Branding, Logo Design

View: educatable.com.au

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