District Kitchen

district kitchen logo design process

New branding created for Lauren’s new venture District Kitchen in Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula.

A fully equipped kitchen for hire!  District Kitchen is aiming to attract people looking to take their products to the market place, caterers who need preparation space or chefs/bakers who want to test new recipes.

The newly designed logo is slightly masculine in nature, yet retains a playful feel through its positioning and subtle iconography. Appearing in on offset stack, the two words are united by a rolling pin, that forms both the ‘i’ from District and the ascender of the ‘h’ in kitchen. A subtle visual linking into the industry and this amazing spaces offering.


Project Details

Client District Kitchen
Description Mornington Peninsula kitchen space for hire for caterers, home cooks, bakers and chefs
Key Messages Our Space, Your Cooking
Type New Business
Skills Branding, Logo Design, Business Card Design, Marketing materials and signage

business card design and print

For the business card design we followed the clean, subtle simplicity of the brand and opted for the strength and simplicity of a monochrome black and white pallet. We suggested to Lauren a process called de-bossing (like embossing but this process presses a shape down into the card rather an up out-of-it).

The card featuring all black on one side, with the logo de-bossed into it. The other side contains the contact information, divided by the signature rolling pin.

supporting pattern

The supporting pattern we have sourced for the District Kitchen’s branding is a watercolour illustration of herbs which is very effective as a large scale visual in this environment and brings in a slightly more feminine feel.

See it showcased by Lauren as a full wall decal in the new space: https://www.instagram.com/p/B9KFggxpc8D/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

flyer design

Marketing materials are striking and effective with the business name appearing in a thick, bold font. The softened corners and the fact it appears all in lowercase keeps the brand feeling more informal and approachable.

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