Dandenong Festival of Lights

Dandenong Festival of Lights 

logo design process

We refreshed the Dandenong Festival of Lights logo. We used a casual handwritten font for Dandenong providing a less structured and more casual approach, whilst also adding a touch of personality and fun.

To ensure it stood out as the dominate element, Festival and Lights appear in a solid san serif with rounded forms that have an un-aggressive feel despite it’s bulk. The shape arch itself has been softened slightly to reduce the height and give a more realistic weighted feel to the lantern, which we moved slightly lower to better link with the text and create a more cohesive mark. It was a pleasure to work on this project and we wish this event great success in the years to come.


Project Details

Client Logistics Australia
Description The vibrant light displays, some of which are an impressive 20m wide and 8m high, come in all shapes and forms, including Chinese zodiacs, warriors, temples, mythical creatures and a wide range of animals
Key Messages Celebrating Chinese culture through a display of over 500 beautiful and unique silk lanterns
Type Exisiting event
Skills Branding
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website design

We created a WordPress website for the Dandenong Festival of Lights to showcase the amazing images of all the different light displays. The website design follows the branding elements created in the logo design, making sure the information such as ticket prices and booking are prominent.

The website also provides all the relevant information on the performances and activities available.

poster and facebook page design

In designing the poster for the festival of lights we used several striking images that best represented the lights on display and to mirror the original design we have kept the beautiful red dragon.

The Facebook page contains the original design with the hanging lantern over the strong red background. The event organisers required a page that would give all the necessary information whilst drawing most of the attention to images of the stunning lanterns. We provided a base template that would allow for changing images throughout the festival.

signage design

In designing the signage we used the striking red and blue to be easily seen at the festival. We have kept the design simple whilst using a fun feel with the little dumplings and images of the popcorn and hot dogs.


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