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website design process

Founded by Jane Grech in 2006 and known as Jane Grech Dance Centre until 2021, the foundations for this institution were poured years, decades, even prior.

With a focus on high-quality dance tuition in an environment fostering care and kindness, Dance Arts trusted us with the refresh of their site to help reflect what their brand stands for.

The concept is clean and playful with colour blocked areas making it easy to navigate and visually appealing. Crisp white areas are teamed with engaging, friendly and approachable imagery.


Some Key Features

dynamic heading design

storytelling through photography

text animation

toggle boxes for additional information

& more

Project Details

Client Dance Arts
Description Dance School founded in 2006 by Jane Grech
Key Messages We believe in the dance studio as a ‘third place’ – a community that serves as an anchor for our students where they can feel safe, nurtured and encouraged.
Skills Website Design
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text animation

The fly in fly out text animation adds an unexpected movement that is dynamic and reinforces what the business does and adds a touch of fun to the site.


website design

A grid is used below the top image with a mix of colour and dynamic photo backgrounds as well as videos making the website eye-catching whilst remaining user friendly.


storytelling through photography

Careful consideration was taken in the sourcing and selecting of appropriate images that add value to the dance arts story and show the range of available dance styles that are taught as well as the environment and comradery fosetered by the school.

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