Chips and Gravy Milk Bar

Chips and Gravy Branding 


logo design process

Mark has owned Dundas Street Milk Bar for many years serving the locals and tourists alike with the best chips and gravy on the Peninsula! He reached out to us to refresh the brand for his family business beginning with the logo and using the name ‘Chips and Gravy Milkbar’.

This well known local spot stocks gourmet produces from all over the Peninsula and when recently implementing a new name change Mark also wanted to refresh his branding and the look in the store. Mark wanted to incorporate their unofficial mascot ‘Lefty the one-legged seagull’ into the new logo design and we created a light-hearted brand using a font that is playful and calls back to the fun nature of this business.


Project Details

Client Dundas Street Milk Bar
Description A Chips and Gravy Milk Bar
Key Messages Refeuling surfers since 1980, famous and comfort food
Type Existing Business
Skills Branding


fresh look

We created the Dundas Street Milk Bar’s new logo using  “Lefty” the seagull sitting on top of the brand to balance the text whilst also ensuring that the logo also works split apart. This enables Mark to use the seagull icon or just the text on it’s own.
A lovely colour palette of black, grey, red and white make up the new logo. These colours represent the colours of seagulls but are also bold and striking and gender neutral. A background colour of dark blue looks amazing as a supporting element. The colour palette converts seamlessly to a reversed option also.


social media pack

Mark uses Social Media regularly to promote his busy milk bar and it was the perfect time to give their facebook page base elements the same fresh look in keeping with the new branding. Their favourite seagull is the hero of the page highlighting the new logo beautifully whilst the dark blue background image of fence pailing provides an ambient background with a supporting link to the relaxed feel of this project.


marketing materials design

Mark loved his businesses refreshed logo and we have included marketing material mock-ups to show how the brand could work moving forwards. Whilst this refreshed concept works superbly as a business logo, the elements can also be used on their own on a range of souvenir products.

The Chips and Gravy Milk Bar sells a wide range of souvenirs using Lefty’s signature silhouette from golf balls, pens to t-shirts and hats!

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