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Cherry Lending and Finance Logo

logo design process

Nikki from Cherry Lending and Finance came to us to create a logo that was simple yet full of character and it was a pleasure to create this for her new business.

We used the word Cherry in a clean solid slab-serif font, it is commanding in capitals and sets a professional tone.  The addition of the softer, free-flowing script underneath balances this with a welcoming and approachable feel. It’s hand written nature and lowercase formatting brings a more relaxed and casual vibe.  We approached the client with this concept as it had a great balance of personality, approachability and professionalism and she was very happy with this.

For the image itself, we used a watercolour version of the cherry which brings a great vibrancy that is sure to catch the eye. The emotive nature of the text is emulated in the symbol.  To keep the clean light feel and really allow the watercolour tones to pop, we have kept the pallet restricted to white, black and a splash of red.

As a stacked composition it’s a neat and strong mark on both a white background and a colour one, but it can also be used effectively as a long, landscape mark -which would be more suitable for use in areas like a website. This ensures Louise will have lots of options for how her brand is applied to future marketing.

Project Details

Client Cherry Lending and Finance
Description A lending and finance company
Key Messages Trustworthy, approachable
Type New Business
Skills Branding, Business Card Design

“I went to Grendesign with an idea in my head of what I wanted my brand to look like, and they nailed it. Very early on I actually felt like part of their team as they were always welcoming, friendly and reliable.

I have had so many positive comments about my brand. As someone working in the finance and mortgage industry I wanted to be different as finance can be very dry and unappealing to people. By having a brand that was a little on the fun side it has allowed me to reach a wider audience”

Nikki Berzin

Owner / Operator, Cherry Lending and Finance

business card design

Cherry’s business card was a pleasure to create as the isolated cherry symbol can also be used to create a unique pattern, as shown on the back of the business cards. To add some additional interest (perhaps at a later date) the cherry’s could be overlaid with a spot UV which is a clear gloss varnish. We have centred the contact information on the reverse, underneath the text version of the logo. The card has rounded corners, which we felt links well to the very rounded letter-forms and symbol. A dynamic card that stands out from the crowd!

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