Boneo Primary School

boneo primary school website design process

We were so pleased Boneo Primary School came to us to give their website a cleaner and fresher look, living and working locally on the Peninsula it is always a pleasure for us to work with local Primary Schools. The website itself required an overhaul with the emphasis on new images and bringing a softer feel to the design.

Some Key Features

team profiles

student recipes

student wellbeing program

links to community events

what's on

& more

“It was so easy and convenient to work with the wonderful team at Grendesign. The people I worked with were quick to return phone calls and emails and were very helpful with simple instructions. We have had plenty of lovely comments about our new website. Parents love it!”

Katie Gunn

ICT Leader, Boneo Primary School

Project Details

Client Boneo Primary School
Description Boneo Primary School is a vibrant, community school in the heart of the Mornington Peninsula
Key Messages Respect, Empathy and Determination
Skills Website Design
View boneops.vic.edu.au


website design

A strong factor in our design concept was focussing on images of the happy bright students and to reflect the joyful environment of the school.

We have created areas with soft grey backgrounds which divides the page into easy to read sections for the user. A watermark of the echidna logo graphic has been created and used on the background of these sections to create interest and break up the use of block colours. We have used the strong red to highlight points of interest as well as the call to action. Using the bold red from Boneo’s existing logo sparingly helps draw the user to these sections and highlights their importance.

website images

Boneo Primary’s website is now filled with beautiful images of the children that attend the school in many different formats throughout the site.

A large header image makes a powerful first impression of happy children and bright colour in their red and black uniforms. This sets the tone for the remainder of the site. We have used images in a round frame to highlight the curriculum that is offered and before the user clicks on the image to get more detailed information they already have a great snapshot of the type of class this is.

To keep a feeling of continuity and flow through the website the main header image is used on all information pages in a smaller transparent overlay format.


community involvement

Boneo Primary are heavily involved in the community be it with their sister school or their organised fundraisers. This page needed to be engaging and inviting with intriguing images that encourage the user to get involved. Once the user has clicked on the image to obtain more information on the event they are provided with the connecting links needed to get involved. 

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