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logo design process

Black Sheep Family History research came to us for branding as they looked to launch their new business, the end result gives a sophisticated and simple feel reflected by a welcoming aqua pallet. 

Georgia has taken inspiration from the flowing Picasso style line drawing for this brand. Creating the symbol using a suggestive outline of a sheep head employing looping lines. This symbol works effortlessly across a wide range of marketing materials and can be applied in the most effective way regardless of the medium.

Project Details

Client Black Sheep Family History research
Description Historical Family Research to provide a service and promote genealogy
Key Messages Fresh and modern whilst being accessible. The go-to person on the Peninsula for family research.
Type New Business
Skills Branding and Business Card Design

logo design and font

The font Georgia has chosen follows the sophisticated and simple style using a hand-drawn text with soft loops. This text continues on the free-flowing nature of the symbol and carries a personable and approachable feel to this brand. The aqua blue tone gives an ideal balance and a gender-neutral appeal, making it well suited for a wide audience.

business card design 

The business cards design features a striking image showing old photos and letter bundles to assist with building this brand’s visual and emotive story. Georgia has overlaid this with the symbol, simply and subtly linking the two together.

The back of the card features the text component of the brand and contact information reversed out of a blue background. The tones of the images used compliment the shade and the pop of colour adds a spirited feel to the card. The use of rounded corners on the card links well to the very rounded forms of the logo creating the perfect finish.

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