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logo design process

Nick reached out to us to re-fresh the brand for his family business, Barnes Plumbing, beginning with his logo.

We focused on simplifying the original logo – removing busy elements, redeveloping the shape and allowing for the droplet to be used as negative space, to provide a cleaner and more professional edge. During this simplification process, the symbolism of the B, faucet and water droplet became more dominant, providing a clear industry link and stronger brand presence.
With this logo, we really wanted to capture the feel of a modern tradesperson – somebody who conducts themselves in a professional manner and is masculine but still friendly and accessible to everyday homeowners.

The shapes and font combinations play a big part in this, so we moved away from a highly decorative font for the business name, using instead a solid san-serif font which has a more serious feel, evoking a dependable nature and straightforward approach. The tagline offsets this with a handwritten text, bringing in a ‘human touch’ which gives the brand a more personal and approachable feel, increasing appeal to the domestic market. Although obviously handwritten, it’s still quite neat and as a smaller more secondary element doesn’t compromise the appeal to industrial and commercial clients alike.

The brand translates seamlessly from a stacked version to a landscape version. The beauty of this logo is the different elements can also be used independently as just a symbol or just text. The droplet shape from within the symbol can also be used to create a simple geometric pattern, which can be used as a supporting graphic used across marketing pieces – potentially as a repetitive feature or subtle watermark.

Project Details

Client Barnes Plumbing
Description A family owned plumbing business on the Mornington Peninsula with more than 30 years of plumbing repairs and installation experience
Key Messages Experienced tradesmen, safe, effective and reliable plumbing solutions
Type Existing Business
Skills Branding, Business Card Design
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business card design

When designing the business cards for Barnes Plumbing we made the ‘B’ symbol the hero of the front. It’s bold stance and bright blue catches the viewer attention, whilst the grayscale image of pipes underneath provides an ambient background with a supporting link to the plumbing industry. The back contains the text only version of the logo, along with all of the contact details The end result is a clean, modern and striking card.


car and van signage design

Due to a large amount of time spent in transit and roadside when onsite, it was valuable for Barnes Plumbing to have their fleet represent their brand. This included a bold van signage concept and a more subtle adaption for their other vehicles.
The logo elements are used independently to maximise visual impact within the available space. The ‘B’ symbol’s size exaggerated and angled to catch attention, whilst the text component remains horizontal so it’s easily read by passing traffic.

Nick was very pleased with the end result, making sure his branding promoted his business in the best possible way on his vehicles.

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