Athlete Education

Athlete Education 

logo design process

Athlete Education’s logo was created from the initials of the business name ‘AE’ have been pulled out to create a symbol. The ‘A’ stands strong and aligned with the business name to the right. The ‘E’ has been broken up to represent a ladder, symbolising the tools they will give the athletes through education to help them achieve personal goals.

The use of a bright sunshine yellow adds a really upbeat message of hope and empowerment that Athlete Education is striving for. The yellow colour and the symbol are the main features of this brand and really help the message stand strong whilst the font selected for the logo has a more unique feel to it whilst still being strong and professional.  The charcoal and tagline style has been used again to balance the bright yellow tones. 

It was a pleasure to work with Sarah at Athlete Education and we know she will make a difference in many athlete’s lives as they move forward with her expertise and strategies.


Project Details

Client Athlete Education
Description To assist athletes balance demands of training and other aspects of their life (work, relationships etc) and to assist athletes in the transition from sport to work. Also aid in managing low training periods from injury and help them recognise the unique skill set they have developed through their chosen sport.
Key Messages Empower, belonging, opportunity, belief, supported and understanding.
Type New Business
Skills Branding, logo design, flyers and website

Website Design Screen Shot

website design

We created a new WordPress website for Athlete Education to showcase their different programs running for sporting bodies, athletes and schools. The website design follows the branding elements created in the logo design process using solid blocks of colour with yellow features that help the message stand strong.

VISIT – http://athleteeducation.com.au/


We created a new flyer that was dynamic in design whilst demonstrating where Athlete Education’s focus lies in assisting athlete’s to manage time away from sport.

Brochure Design for AE

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