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website design process

A boutique Mortgage Broker Company, ARG finance approached us to redesign and rebuild their site.

A content focused site the aim was to display all the information in an easily accessibly but interesting way to keep the website looking uncluttered and fresh.

Online calculators were imbedded, local and external forms collect the information they need from customers. A complex menu was streamlined and made for easy navigation.

The design seamlessly incorporates all this functionality and makes the user experience an enjoyable one.


Some Key Features

clean design



customised navigation

& more

Project Details

Client ARG Finance
Description A boutique Mortgage Broker
Key Messages We have mortgage brokers to take you where you want to be
Skills Website Design
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clean design

Cleanliness and breathing space is key when handling a lot of information, we utilised different ways of displaying information without overwhelming the viewer. Colour blocking was used to seperate information areas making the site easy to follow.


A master blog template was built to keep the design consistent and unified, it also makes adding news and events content easy for the client, the populate the fields and the system pulls the design together for them.

customised menu

The ARG site covers so many areas across multiple industries, a customised menu was designed and built to make the user experience enjoyable while still be attractive in design.

managing content

We utilised accordions and toggles wherever we felt we could to help keep this design as clean as possible, they are a great way of showing only relevant content and saving space compared to having large text blocks everywhere.

They help give a visually interesting element to the site and also reduce the length of the page.

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