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Business Branding Basics

where to start when creating your brand.

A business brand is not just a list of items to create, such as your logo, business card, website, brochure etc – although these items are important essentials. Before you create the above there are some vital things to consider.

Start with your target market!

Who are they, what are their likes/dislikes? Are they conservative, adventurous, male, female, young, old etc. Once you have an understanding of who you want to target you can begin the connection process through your brand. This is where the magic happens.

You need to be able to think and feel like your customer/client to know what they will react to. What are their problems and how can your business solve them?  What will their fears be and how can you soothe them?



With these answers you can create a strategy to present these messages and create the core of your business brand.

These can be created in the use of tag-lines, symbols in your business logo, colour selection, photos and image, headings and content. Consistency is key, once you have your angle stick with it and build on it. Customers like brand consistency – it brings stability and trust.

As an example take a look at Toyota. They have been running with an emotional branding strategy for years. the tag-line ‘Oh what a feeling’ is known just as well as their company name and symbol. Building on the emotional excitement you have when you’ve purchased a new car and the elation of getting those new set of keys. They’ve reminded us of the best part about buying a new car. 


Research has shown that specific colours can alter our emotional state. Toyota have used the colour red – which evokes passion, increases heart rate and excitement. Every advert, brochure, and business card reminds us of the same message, that you will feel amazing when you buy a Toyota ‘Oh what a feeling’.


Be consistent

The power of consistency is priceless when connecting to customers. When people purchase a Toyota they even have some of them do the Toyota jump and take a photo with their new car. They’ve successfully created a unique mark to their business that every Australian knows.

Branding is about building a relationship with your clients and customers, sending a direct and consistant message that they can connect to.


So when building your business brand consider

your tag-line

Connect and solve the problem & be memorable


colours + fonts

Evoke the correct emotion & feelings


icon+ symbols

Are they unique, memorable & meaningful?


smart + catchy

Use clear headings in brochures, websites etc.

be consistent

Keep your message simple and clear

KNOW YOUR POINT OF DIFFERENCE & Enjoy putting your business branding message out there.


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